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There are various forms of Arm Balancing Yoga Asans our certified trainers can teach you. Plank pose, crane pose, firefly pose, dolphin plank pose, peacock pose, scale pose, crow pose, and side plank come under arm balancing Yoga. They strengthen your body and help you maintain better balance using your arms.

The King Dancer Yoga
Also known as Nataraj (Lord Shiva while he is dancing) Asan this form involves standing on a single foot while bending the body backwards and holding the raised foot with both hands. Our professional and expert coaches train you to gain balance, strengthens your muscles while maintaining a steady breath with this Yoga pose.

The Boat Yoga
Alternatively called Paripurna Navasan this Yoga pose is for strengthening the deep hip flexor and abs. It needs immense balance over the tripod of your sitting bones and tailbone. Only a certified and experienced Yoga coach can assist you in attaining the right pose without injuring yourself.

The Four Limbed Staff
This is also known as Chaturangasan which strengthens your core and upper body, elongates the spine and strengthens the lower back muscles as well. Our Yoga gurus help you do it right to improve stability and prevent you from injuring your back, arms, and shoulder muscles. Maintaining arm balance, and overall health is the real goal.

Easy Pose – Sukhasana
Practising Sukhasan brings inner calm and helps you stay grounded. Moreover, it lengthens your spine, and opens up your hips. This asan strengthens your core and also tones up your torso, back, sides, and front with regular practice. Professional Yoga coaches help you attain the set goals by guiding you to do it right!

The Warrior II Yoga
This can be practiced along with a partner or alone. It stretches and strengthens the ankles and legs, stretches the chest, shoulders, groins, and lungs while stimulating the abdominal organs and improving stamina. Comforting in flat feet, carpal tunnel syndrome, infertility, sciatica, osteoporosis, and relieves backache in the second trimester of pregnancy.

The Corpse Yoga
Commonly known as Savasan, practiced towards the end of a Yoga session. It releases stress, helps cell and tissue repair, rejuvenates you, lowers blood pressure, insomnia, and anxiety. Moreover, it assists you in balancing the air in your body when done correctly. A professional Yoga guru can guide you in the best way.

The Warrior I
This Yoga asan (Veerbhadrasan) opens the chest and hip while stretching your legs and arms. It strengthens your legs and improves balance, concentration as well as keeps you grounded. Moreover, it energizes your body, enhances respiration and blood circulation in the body. The right Yoga guru can help you achieve your goals.

The chaos of modern-day life weighs your physical and mental health to the worst. On your struggle to strike a balance between your personal and professional life having a calm mind is a must. Releasing stress, getting rid of anxiety, low self-confidence and a lot more can be achieved while cooling your mind can be achieved through Yoga practice on regular basis. When everything else is available online, hunting for the best Yoga services in New Delhi shouldn’t be a tough task. But if you are in a dilemma as where to search and how to finalize a Yoga teacher for at-home services in South Delhi, then you can go through a number of online portals to pick one. In case that seems a gruelling task, you can directly jump into search ServicePik and book Yoga service online at the comfort of your Home. We have collated the most important things to keep in mind while booking your Yoga services in South Delhi. What should you consider before hiring a Yoga instructor for at-home classes in South Delhi?

Here comes the must know facts that you should take a note of, prior to hiring any Yoga service provider, whether it’s online or offline.
  • Is your Yoga trainer certified or not?
  • Do they provide classes by female Yoga trainer at home (for female learners)?
  • Which areas are serviceable for Yoga classes in South Delhi?
  • Do the trainers ask for any equipment or they carry it for you?
  • Do they provide Yoga classes at your convenience or any specific time is allotted?
  • Do they charge conveyance fee or not?
  • How much they charge per class or they charge on monthly basis?
  • How soon they can start training you?
  • Compare the prices from multiple providers
  • Do they offer corporate training or not?
  • How is the conduct of the Yoga teacher?
What your personal Yoga trainer at home in South Delhi should know about you? It is important that the at-home Yoga instructor in South Delhi knows facts such as your health and comfort levels prior to starting the classes. It should not be after booking the service, you get to know they don’t provide the specific Yoga prescribed by your physician.

To eliminate such issues enquiring your Yoga trainer beforehand in this regard seems the best option.
  • Are you suffering from any chronic ailments?
  • Do you have hypertension (high blood pressure) issue?
  • Has your doctor recommended not to follow certain Yoga poses?
  • Do you have any pain (chronic/for the time being such as surgery related or normal)?
  • When are you comfortable to take up the Yoga sessions?
  • What are your food habits (in case you took up Yoga for weight loss)?
  • Do you have any food restrictions?
  • How long do you plan to continue the services?
  • What are your goals with Yoga? (weight loss, getting slim, strengthening etc.)
  • Do you wish for Kids Yoga Classes at home?
Why should booking the best Yoga services in New Delhi near me is beneficial? Well, as we all are well aware of the benefits of Yoga; it is no wonder that people are getting inclined to have them at the comfort of their home. Which ultimately forces them to approach a Yoga teacher who can offer them home service.

Here is why you should hire at-home Yoga services:
  • Saves time and conveyance
  • Prevents you from giving useless excuses to skip the session
  • You don’t feel conscious about your clothing or other habits
  • You are more focussed in Yoga with one on one contact
Now that you are well aware of how to hire a at-home Yoga service provider for your home, it must not be tough on your part to pick the best one for yourself. In case you are unsure of how to approach a Yoga trainer in South Delhi for at-home services, you can always rely on ServicePik. Our services are affordable, quick to available and reliable. You just need to take out your mobile or laptop and then book a Yoga service online without much hassle.