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The experts at ServicePik bring to you some points to remember before hiring
a service provider online:

A) Analyze Service Provider’s Profile

The first and most reliable step towards making the right choice is reviewing the service providers’ profiles, which can be easily done through:

1. Customer reviews: Verifying opinions of past customers about a particular service provider is very important and probably, the primary step in the shortlisting process. You can also get an idea about how the service providers treat their customers by seeing the way they have responded to their reviewers.

2. Business information: You need to assess the profiles of suitable service providers before choosing the one. Their profiles may include a brief description of their business, their website links, pictures of their work, why they love what they do and how many times they have been successfully hired on ServicePik.

3. Credentials: To hire service providers with confidence and trust, you must check their credentials, which might include their customer rankings, verification of their license number and a quick background review. All this information about the person completing your project will keep you sure of your choice till the end.

B) Learn more about the Service Provider

1. Ask questions: Getting a second round of introduction and details of the service provider is also required for many projects. At ServicePik, you can easily talk to any service provider without revealing your identity and contact information. This way, you can be specific with them about your project details and can also ask them directly for their work pictures and customer references from the past. Also, you can share pictures of your desired work and schedule a phone call or an in-person meeting, according to your own preference.

2. Research: It is always better to browse for relevant information about the service provider you are considering. There are several online business bureaus and offline third-party resources to look for more information that can serve as a guide in your quest of hiring the best service provider.

C) Advance planning to make sure the project is done right

1. Written agreement: Setting expectations in writing ensures that both the parties are on the same page regarding the details like who, what, where, and cost of the project.

2. Payment pact: Agreeing on payments, especially for high-value projects, is a very important point. To keep things smooth here, you can consider making payments during or after completion of the project, as decided by both the parties.

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