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Best RO Servicing and Repairing services in Town!

As modernization is in full-swing the city is evolving into a ground for pollution. Not only the air is getting polluted with dust and debris all across from various sources, but also the very essence of life, i.e. water resources follow the suit. In such a critical situation, what you need most is pure potable water for your family’s health. After all, health is the most valuable asset you have. Being aware of the importance of your family’s health we at ServicePik have brought the best RO Servicing and repairing solutions for you right at your doorstep.

Most infections and diseases are waterborne or spread through contaminated water. You might be unaware that the amount of pollution on the ground can actually go deeper and pollute the underground water resources. Even though you get purified water supplied to you from the water-board in your locality, how often you make sure that your water tank storing the same is not at fault? To be on the safer side and protect your family from the vicious attack of protozoa, bacteria and other miscreants in impure water wreaking havoc. You can always opt for a cost effective and convenient way such as RO purifiers and water filters for your home. But, in case your RO purifier got defunct or it works and offers dirty and undrinkable, what options you have at hand? Well, you don’t need to panic on that thought of falling sick due to impure water, as ServicePik is always happy to help you!

How it Works

      1. Select your RO purifier’s make and model Irrespective of the make and model of the RO water purifier our team of professionals can fix major issues with RO servicing and repair, right at your doorstep. But, it is important for you to provide them with the manufacturer and model, so that they will be prepared with the respective set of difficulties and how they can be resolved. Every model has different spare parts, in case the technician doesn’t have that at hand, fixing the issue might be time-consuming. They will visit your home and access the situation and then suggest you the estimated time and cost to fix it.
      2. Choose the time-slot The RO professional will be contacting you to fix the best time to visit and collect other vital information regarding your RO equipment. The technician will visit you as soon as your booking is confirmed and the time slot has been agreed upon between both of you.
      3. Pay once service is availed The best part about ServicePik’s RO purifier repair and servicing facilities is we don’t charge you beforehand. Once your equipment is serviced or repaired as you have requested and you are happy with the outcome. Then only you pay the technician in any way you prefer. We accept electronic or by cash payments for all RO services.

What you should know about RO Repairing and Servicing?

ServicePik offerings in RO Servicing and Repairing

Servicing It is important to service your RO device from time to time from a professional. It ensures there are no clogging or deposit of debris within the purifier, which might be there during the purification process. ServicePik professionals ensure that your RO gets a proper servicing to get rid of any such water contaminating factors within it. They ensure that appropriate and genuine spares are utilized for the servicing purpose. A point to note here is, once the servicing is done, you got to regularly use the equipment and not let water stored inside the RO for more than 48 hours. The water loses its purity post that and makes you vulnerable to contamination. You can even ask for a maintenance check-up and we would be glad to fix if there are any drips or leaks with your RO purifier.

RO membrane replacement

The RO membrane on your purifier absorbs all the dissolved impurities along with various colloidal particles when water passes through it. With time the particles clog the pores of the RO membrane and reduces its longevity as well as gradually worsens the taste of water. Water with high TDS content requires membrane technology for getting purified. When the taste of the RO water changes, don’t delay to get in touch with us for a membrane change service to get pure and tasty water.

Replacing water filter in the RO

Elimination or absorption of contaminants from the incoming water is important to offer you pure drinking water. The water filter undergoes all the pressure of performing the said activity. If you are unsure of the desired purification method to control the input water quality so that the RO can run efficiently. Our RO servicing and repair personnel can ease that burden off your shoulders. Various make and models of water purifiers are equipped with different modes of purification and you can easily set them with our help for effective water purification. When the outgoing water tastes bad and flows with low pressure or volume, reasons might include a clogged or worsened water filter. Worry not! Our professionals can replace the same and let you consume the purest water for a healthy life.

Annual Maintenance Service

When you have an annual maintenance contract at hand, it becomes easier to handle all the issues occurring with your RO water purifier. Get in touch with us and our technicians will be right there to help you with the best annual maintenance contract. Whenever your equipment gets any issue, they will be just a call away to get everything sorted.

Why to hire ServicePik RO Repairing and Servicing?

  • Verified Technicians: ServicePik takes special measures to deploy verified professionals for your RO repair and servicing work. These technicians have years of experience under their belt to deliver the best services, so that you are never vulnerable to unhealthy or contaminated water related issues.
  • Customer centric facilities: Abiding by our principle to serve with utmost quality and consistency, we at ServicePik have crafted all our RO services accordingly. They revolve around the client’s needs and their convenience. Our technicians take extra effort to understand your problem and suggest you, whether you require servicing or repair service, in case you are unaware of the exact problem.
  • Standard costing for services: We at ServicePik find it convenient for our customers to set a standardized cost for RO services. As we know, you need healthy and pure water without shelling a fortune to fix the issues with your RO equipment. Our fair price policies help you get RO repairing or servicing done with the best prizes. Refer our rate chart featured on our business site for more clarity.
  • Time bound services: Commitments should always be time-bound. Following this key rule, we take customer time-lines seriously. Our technician analyses the equipment and informs the customer about what needs to be done. Then the expected time to fix the issue is intimated to the customer. Usually servicing is done on the spot, but if additional services are required it might be decided between the customer and the RO professional.
  • Electronic payment: When everything is moving to electronic media, why should payment stay at the background. We understand that tech-enabled payment modes like online banking and Paytm are easy to transact. Hence, we support both the ways along with cash payments on delivery.
  • Pay on project completion: For customer satisfaction, we ensure that payments are collected only after the servicing and repair service is done successfully.
  • In Delhi NCR region, we have number of RO professionals who can help you out to fix your various RO purifier issues. Once you book the desired service, we make sure to deliver you the most effective solutions without wreaking havoc on your budget.

    How to avail ServicePik RO Repair and Servicing facilities?

    Booking your RO repairing and servicing is so easy, you don’t need to juggle through Google and find who is the best or with highest ratings. All that you got to do is, pick your cell phone and dial our toll free number given on our website or fill in your details on the RO servicing page and leave your details. Our customer support team will connect you with the right professionals in RO repair/servicing and help you avail the best RO servicing and repairing across Delhi NCR. We vouch for a healthier, happier and safer tomorrow for you. And this pledge is incomplete, unless we help you have pure drinking water at your disposal.