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Plumbing Services in Delhi NCR

Our homes and works come to a standstill when the plumbing line goes out of order. Starting from a minor faucet to a major pipeline leakage or blocked drainage or toilet – you immediately need a plumbing service close by. In this super hectic work-life schedule there is hardly any time left to arrange a reliable plumber near me, who can fix all these plumbing woes.

ServicePik plumbers offer repair services in Delhi to customers at the earliest possible time frame. We make sure that you get the best plumbing services in Delhi NCR.

What should you look for while hiring Plumbing Services in Delhi?

You got to know some basic things prior to hiring plumbers in Delhi NCR for your home. Whether it’s running toilet or a clogged pipe that wreaks havoc in your life and ruins your day. Cisterns, pipes and the materials used in your plumbing line have a shelf life and can start decaying after a certain time period. It’s essentials to keep them well maintained.

Here is the basic information that one should keep in mind while hiring a plumber:
  • What is the price difference for Plumbing Service as compared to the market?
  • What kind of Plumbing Services do they offer?
  • What are the accepted modes of payment?
  • How long does it take to get the Plumbing issue get fixed?
  • How soon does the Plumber revert to a Plumbing Service request?
  • How can you book the Plumbing Service online?
  • Do they bring their own equipment and material or you need to provide them?
  • Whether they offer branded material and fittings or local ones?
  • Do they carry out plumbing installation work?
  • Are the plumbers verified and reliable?

how does it works?

  1. Pick your wood work project

    Select the type of plumbing issue you have – repair, installation, or removing plumbing fittings.

  2. What type of Plumbing service do you need?

    Mention what kind of service you want. We deal with all types of plumbing work including pipeline laying, repairing leakages, blocked pipelines or drainage, toilets, etc.

  3. Select your preferred time-slot

    Our professionals work from 9 AM to 9 PM throughout the week. So, share the most convenient time-slot that suits you.

  4. Ease of service

    A ServicePik plumber contacts you as soon as you book the service for further discussions. Once it’s finalized the technician visits your place to get your plumbing issue fixed.

Why hire ServicePik plumbing services?

Verified Technicians

We take great care in crafting our services at ServicePik to offer the best experience for our customers. Our plumbing services follow the same line of action because your satisfaction is our highest reward. Our plumbers in Delhi, Gurgaon, Noida, and Ghaziabad make sure to meet the expectations at your own convenience.

Customer-oriented service:

We take great care in crafting our services at ServicePik to offer the best experience for our customers. Our plumbing services follow the same line of action because your satisfaction is our highest reward. Our plumbers in Delhi, Gurgaon, Noida, and Ghaziabad make sure to meet the expectations at your own convenience.

Standard costing for services:

At ServicePik, we understand what value for money services means. So, we are dedicated to extending the fairest standard prices in the market to our customers. You can find them on our website within the rate chart.

Electronic payment:

We understand the way technology moves and hence has enabled online payment to ease off your transactions. You can pay right from your mobile using internet banking or Paytm.


Depending on your service request and availability of plumbing experts, we can even get your plumbing issues fixed on the same day. Be it a residential or commercial property – our service experts can take care of your plumbing systems throughout Delhi NCR.

Customer Support:

You can book your services online or by calling 8448446679 one day ahead or up to 30 days in advance. We are available 7 days a week from 9 AM to 9 PM across Delhi NCR with a dedicated team of customer support experts to resolve your issues.

Frequently Asked Questions

The easiest way to check for water leakages at home is keeping an eye on your water tank. Stop using water at home for few hours and record the difference in water level. If there is a major change in it then certainly you have a leaking plumbing line that needs repair.

A soft damp cloth is enough to clean a faucet. For stubborn stains on new faucets, the manufacturer must have given the right method and cleaning solution to follow. Keep the faucets away from abrasive pads or cleaners to prevent scratches.

A few quick tips:

Yes! It’s a major concern, as it can ruin your walls by weakening them. With time these leakages grow in size and corrode any metal structure within the walls. So, it’s important to find the leakages and fix them to prevent – water loss, leakage related damages, emergency repairs, pressurization and water treatment needs.

Faucet repair is the best option if it can be repaired and its shine be restored. When the faucet is extremely corroded and can’t be replaced, then replacing the faucet is the most plausible and cost-effective option.

The high temperature cut-off of your electric heater might have tripped and needs resetting. There are chances that the thermostat is at fault. So get it checked from a verified technician first.

You can get a plumber check your kitchen sink faucet if you are not confident to handle it on your own. He can remove the faucet aerator found at the end of the spout and clean the screen to remove debris and dirt depositions. The aerator is designed to prevent splashing but with time it can get clogged.

You can use the household plunger to fix a clogged toilet. First of all, turn off the water inlet of your flush tank to prevent accidental flushes or overflows. Now, use a plunger with a soft rubber end and apply enough pressure to push the clog. Gradually the clog will break and go down the drain.

With the amount of training and experience they have, plumbers can easily pick the faulty lines and problem spots. They can fix your plumbing issues faster than your DIY exercise.

An electric water heater will approximately last for 10-15 years. But, when you see the following signs – no hot water, rust coloured water, moisture or flooding around the water heater base, it’s time for the water heater replacement. Depending on the water quality – soft or hard water can affect the life of the heater too.

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Plumber Services Tips

Plumber Services Tips
Plumber Services Tips
Plumber Services Tips

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Servicepik is provide me pest Control service in my home. I am Satisfied by his Service.
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ServicePik provides great service at affordable rates. The best part is that only qualified professionals provide... reliable services! Better than its competitors👍read more
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