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Home Cleaning Services

Floor Cleaning
Nobody likes a messy home with dusty walls or sticky floors. Keeping your home clean is the first step towards hygiene. Home Cleaning services in Delhi include floor cleaning exercises. Trained professionals carry out scrubbing and polishing the floors of your home and bring back the shine. Various cleaning chemical solutions and machines are used to clean the floors. A clean and sanitized floor lowers the risk of diseases.

The most annoying part in any premise is spider and cob webs. Office and home cleaning providers in Delhi take care of cleaning these webs as well. These webs unnecessarily trap lot of dust and grim which makes the indoors allergy prone. With qualified providers at hand, you get these webs cleaned to have beautiful spider free roofs.

Washrooms are the most germ-infested places across homes and office premises. Getting rid of the stinky odour, stains and dirt or grim on washroom floors and wall tiles makes it so unhygienic be it home or the workplace. ServicePik house cleaning services in Delhi provide washroom cleaning as well using disinfectant and chemical solutions. Washroom windows and equipment are also thoroughly cleaned for a sparkly shiny washroom.

Just like the washrooms, your kitchen deals with lot of stains. Oils, sauces, ketchups and plenty other food items mess around the slabs and tile of your kitchen in the long run, though you clean it regularly. To get rid of the grease and grim on the wall tiles and slabs, and floors by scrubbing them. Various chemical solutions are used to properly clean the floors, walls and slabs. Kitchen cabinets are also cleaned and dusted.

Cleaning floors, washrooms, and walls is not enough when you wish for a completely clean premise, be it your home or work place. Cabinet cleaning is also offered under our home and office cleaning services in Delhi. Both iron and wooden cabinets are cleaned and dusted to get rid of the allergy causing dust and dirt. Fixed equipment are also cleaned and the cabinets retain their glaze and shine post the service.

Juggling the various roles you play is a tedious task. Whether you are a homemaker, working professional or an entrepreneur, at the end of the day your place of solace is your home. So, to keep it clean and hygienic you need to have enough time, which is a scarcity in today’s life. Along with that all, even your workplace needs to be kept a germ-and-dirt free space. But, getting time out to take care of these tasks is practically draining for you. So, to eliminate this stress you can hire home deep cleaning service in Delhi and see your space sparkle with cleanliness. In case, you are not able to figure out the right people to approach in this regard. You can always search them online prior to hiring, through various home cleaning service provider portals. ServicePik is one of the most sought-after house cleaning services in Delhi.

What should you take into consideration while hiring for house cleaning services in Delhi?

What should you take into consideration while hiring for house cleaning services in Delhi?

  • Does the provider take visiting charges?
  • Does the home cleaning service provider in Delhi cover your area?
  • Do they bring their own tool and machinery or you have to arrange?
  • Do a single person or a team will come for the job?
  • Are they taking conveyance charges?
  • How much they charge for home cleaning?
  • Do they offer deep home cleaning services as well?
  • How long will they take to clean your house?
  • Only interiors or they provide cleaning service for exteriors like walls and porticos?
  • How soon they can start the cleaning work?
  • How their packages are? For example, 1BHK, 2BHK etc. or square feet wise pricing.
  • See if they are offering services at higher or lower rate than the market prices?
  • What kind of houses they clean: wooden, concrete (floor types such as marbles, cement, mosaic, wooden etc.)?
  • When are you available to get the job done?
  • How long you need to stay out of the house?
  • Do you need to shift the things within the house or the provider will do that?
  • Do they charge extra for moving these things around the house?

What type of chemicals they are using to clean your home or office?

When you are booking home cleaning service online, there lot of things that you got to make a note of. Cleaning includes a wide range of services under it, so various types of chemicals and equipment are required during the process. When you take home or office cleaning services, it becomes important to ensure the type of disinfectants and detergents used for the cleaning process. Some chemicals are specifically created for a particular type of material used on the floor or wall. This means the cleaning personnel has to have the right cleaning solutions in order to offer desired results without spoiling your property at any cost.

Here are the points you need to share with the provider about the type of chemical solutions and disinfectants used in home cleaning.

  • What kind of chemicals or disinfectants used for home and equipment cleaning?
  • Does anyone at your home suffer from chronic ailments that gets aggravated with use of any of the chemical/disinfectant solutions?
  • Are they harmful for your health if inhaled or came in contact with skin?
  • Do the cleaning solutions leave any unpleasant after-service odour?

Why should you book online home cleaning services in Delhi?

When time and effort are the things you can least afford for home cleaning, irrespective of the type of cleaning. Opting for an online home cleaning service is one of the best bets. Without leaving the comfort of your home, you can effortlessly book the services online and get your home sparkly clean. Germs, dirt, grim and dust won’t be seen around your home or office space with the right cleaning service. Hiring online home cleaning solutions in Delhi helps you in:

  • Saving time and efforts
  • Spending on extra machinery or equipment for cleaning
  • Allergies due to dust and dirt during cleaning
  • Affordable services
  • Quick response time by the provider

ServicePik brings the most effective home and office cleaning service at affordable prices. All that you need to do is book them online or through a call and everything is sorted! Be it a Diwali home or office cleaning task or your usual periodic home cleaning, ServicePik brings the best solutions for you!