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Repair & Installation Services

The most common issues related to your refrigerator include defrosting problem, cooling issue, broken drain plate, faulty wiring, sparking issue, water leaking, drain blockage, refrigerator not turning on, ice not being prepared and lot more. For every type of refrigerator, be it single, double, triple or side door one, ServicePik has the right repair solutions at hand. It doesn’t matter what brand or model of refrigerator you own. For every refrigerator issue, we ensure the best professional repair service delivered.

How frustrating it is to find your smart LED/LED TV not connecting to Wi-Fi, not being audible, screen going blank, horizontal lines covering the screen on start-up, TV not turning on, TV doesn’t respond to remote command, etc. For such troublesome situations, ServicePik brings you at-home professional LED and LCD TV repair services at your convenience. Our service experts will fix your LED/LCD TV irrespective of its make and model. Trained staff and quick response time are things that ServicePik ensures to the customers.

Washing Machine
Washing Machines being the most needed appliances in today’s busy life undergo wear and tear with time. If your washing machine is experiencing any of the issues, such as machine is not turning on, not draining properly, washer tank is leaking, spin is not working, is moving and shaking, producing odour, creating noise, wash cycle is not completed, machine door is jammed, and drum not filling water. We take care to bring your machine back in action irrespective of the brand and model.

If your ceiling fan doesn’t turn on, wobbles, has flickering light, stuck on one speed, creates too much noise. Then you need to look for a technician who can fix your ceiling fan.
It doesn’t matter which brand or model of fan you own, as long as ServicePik team is at your disposal to get it repaired for you. At times the fan may turn dead after a spark or generate fumes at the switch-board or electric outlet. Reaching out to ServicePik experts is sure to get your ceiling fan back to life without much hassle

If sparking inside the microwave, the plate doesn’t spin, the light bulb inside the microwave doesn’t glow, microwave turns on and then suddenly stops working, the microwave doesn’t heat, the display doesn’t work, buttons don’t work, microwave auto starts, etc. are among the issues with your microwave. You can stay rest assured that ServicePik will ease off the burden off your shoulders. Whatever may be the reason behind your defunct microwave, service experts from ServicePik can repair it with utmost care.