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What Our Electrician Offer?

New Wiring
If you are wondering “Where to find an electrician Services near me for wiring my new house?” We have the answer! ServicePik electricians can easily and securely lay the electrical wiring for home and offices in and around Gurgaon.

Fitting Chimney and Exhausts
Fitting exhausts and chimney is tedious and without an electrician there are chances that something might go wrong. Seasoned electricians can check the existing wiring and even install new points while fitting chimney and exhausts.

Wiring Repair
Only the best electrician in Gurgaon can effectively take up the task of repairing your damaged electrical wiring. Before the faulty wires turn lethal due to short circuit hire ServicePik electrician and stay safe.

MCB Repairing
MCB or fuse repairing becomes essential as many a times electricity trips accidentally. If the it happens repeatedly, its better to look for a professional rather than fixing on your own. ServicePik electricians can do that with ease safely.

Fan Installation
Shifting to a new place and not finding an electrician to fit ceiling fans is a punishment. ServicePik brings trained electricians who install or shift your fans as you desire. They can even repair or replace the fan motor.

Motor Repairing
A faulty water pump can’t properly throw water to fill the overhead tank. Or at worst it might not get switched on at all. A motor repairing electrician from ServicePik will thoroughly check your motor and fix it.

Our Electrician Services in Gurgaon:

With the stress of modern-day life, it becomes tedious to hunt for an electrician for your household work. Moreover, trusting the neighbourhood electrician might not always be a good idea for many of us. If there are kids or elderly people at home and you need to leave electrical appliances turned-on for them. You got to ensure that the electric system at your home is at its best to eliminate any chances of mishaps. Moreover, if you are looking for installing electric wiring across your newly built space (office and home) then a reliable electrician can do that for you with ease. What options do you have apart from hiring them after visiting them in person? Well, you can look for an online service provider and find the top Electrician in Gurgaon before searching one from your neighbourhood. There are plenty of online players offering Electrician services in and across Gurgaon but finding the best one shouldn’t be a pain in your neck. ServicePik brings you the most efficient professionals who can handle all your electrical repair and wiring jobs without much hassle.

What should you keep in mind while hiring Electrician services in Gurgaon?

Safety is of utmost importance while dealing with electrical services at home and work as well. Hence, when you are hiring an electrician you must keep in mind that the person has enough expertise to ensure utmost safety. But, how to finalize the best Electrician in Gurgaon for your job? We have collated some significant points that would help you select the right electrician for your home in and around Gurgaon. Here are the points:
  • Does the provider take visiting and inspection charges?
  • Does the electrical service provider cover your area?
  • Do they bring their own tool and machinery or you have to arrange?
  • Do a single person or a team will come for the job?
  • Are they taking conveyance charges?
  • How much they charge for domestic electrical wiring?
  • Do they offer electrical wiring for commercial spaces as well?
  • How long will they take to do the electrical wiring for your house/office?
  • How soon they can start the work?
  • How their packages are? For example, 1BHK, 2BHK etc. or some other ways of pricing.
  • Are they offering services at higher or lower rates than that of the market prices?
  • What kind of houses they do wiring for: wooden or cement?
  • When are you available to get the job done?
  • Do you need to stay out of the house while the work is being done?
  • The provider will get the required materials (wires, switches, boards, etc.) or you will get it on your own?
What type of materials they are using to lay the electrical wiring of your home or office? It is important to know that what kind of materials the electrician will be installing in your house or office. Low quality wires, switches and boards often lead to accidents that might turn dangerous. Apart from that commercial and domestic wiring is different and the technician must know the difference between them. ServicePik electricians have adequate knowledge of what suits where and ensure the best services. Here is the information you should collect from your electrician in Gurgaon for a safer home or work place:
  • What kind of wires, switches, MCB, and boards used for home and office electrification?
  • What brand of equipment is the provider installing at your place?
  • Does the electrician check the earthing as well?
  • Do they install the right wires and plug points to prevent electrical accidents?
  • Can they fix existing faulty wiring?

Why should you book online electrician services in Gurgaon?

For hiring the best Electrician in Gurgaon, you can either find someone near your place or book the service online. The advantage of booking service from online providers is they are genuine and have cost effective plans for you. Moreover, the electricians are trained with basic electrical safety measures which lowers chances of any mishaps during or post the service. As there is a proper system to address customer complaints, you can approach an online provider with just a call and the issue will be resolved quickly. Here are the top most reasons:
  • It saves your time and conveyance as well
  • No hassle of buying the materials
  • Cost effective services
  • Quick response time
  • Work is done at your convenience
ServicePik takes care of every electrical job with utmost care whether it’s a domestic or commercial space effortlessly. You don’t need to run from pillar to post for hiring an electrician in Gurgaon, rather just pick your phone and get the job done.