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Electrician near me in Delhi NCR

Having a reliable electrician near me in Delhi NCR is easy said no one ever. Be it your home or office malfunctioned electrical wirings might cause serious hazards. Protecting your space from such electrical accidents is important and an experienced electrician near you can easily help you with this. Home wiring, electrical repair, wiring, rewiring, etc. can easily be done with the help of a trained electrician from ServicePik at an affordable cost. We ensure that the best quality material will be used to get your electrical service done at its best.

They are better than your neighborhood electrician who doesn’t pay heed to your safety and just offer you service that costs higher.

What should you look for while hiring an Electrician in Delhi?

It’s important to know that the wrong electrification in your home or office can lead to electrical fire accidents at any moment. Hence, having the right house wiring expert is of utmost importance. You got to take care of some essential points before you hire an electrician for your place.

Here are the top points:
  • What kind of electrical services they offer?
  • Does their price differ from the market price?
  • What are the accepted modes of payment?
  • How long they take to wire or rewire a space?
  • How long do they take to repair your electrical system?
  • What brand or kind of electrical equipment and material they use?
  • Do they carry the necessary equipment or you need to provide the same?
  • Are the electricians verified?
  • Are they trained enough to manage commercial projects or meant only for small homes?

How does the process work?

  1. Pick your electrical issue

    Select the type of electrical issue – repair, installation, wiring, rewiring, etc.

  2. Mention what kind of service you want.

    We deal with all types of electrical work including electrical wiring, home rewiring, electrical repairing, other electricians’ jobs, etc.

  3. Select your preferred time-slot

    Our professionals work from 9 AM to 9 PM throughout the week. So, share the most convenient time-slot that suits you.

  4. Ease of service

    A ServicePik electrician contacts you as soon as you book the service for further discussions. Once it’s finalized the technician visits your place to get your electrical issues fixed.

Why hire ServicePik Electrician?

Verified Technicians:

ServicePik emphasizes on assigning experienced professionals for best Electrical Services across Delhi NCR. It ensures our customers get the most out of our electrical services.

Customer-oriented service:

We take great care in crafting our services at ServicePik to offer the best experience for our customers. Our Electricians follow the same line of action because your satisfaction is our highest reward. Our Electricians in Delhi, Gurgaon, Noida, and Ghaziabad make sure to meet the expectations at your own convenience.

Standard costing for services:

At ServicePik, we understand what value for money services means. So, we are dedicated to extending the fairest standard prices in the market to our customers. You can find them on our website within the rate chart.

Electronic payment:

We understand the way technology moves and hence has enabled online payment to ease off your transactions. You can pay right from your mobile using internet banking or Paytm.


Depending on your service request and availability of electricians, we can even get your electrical issues fixed on the same day. Be it a residential or commercial property – our service experts can take care of your electrical issues throughout Delhi NCR.

Customer Support:

You can book your services online or by calling 8448446679 one day ahead or up to 30 days in advance. We are available 7 days a week from 9 AM to 9 PM across Delhi NCR with a dedicated team of customer support experts to resolve your issues.

Frequently Asked Questions

Well, it depends on the type of service you are requesting from our trained electricians in and around Delhi. From repairing minor electrical wiring issues, switchboard fixing to wiring or rewiring your home or office can be carried out by our electricians. The exact amount can be shared once the electrical work is inspected and materials needed is taken into consideration.

We would recommend you to hire a electrician to do any electrical work because you might not be well-versed with electrical wiring, rewiring, and repairing work. Minor exercises such as changing a bulb or fixing a tripped breaker can be easily done by yourself. But for major electrical repairs and fixings contact ServicePik for better service.

Yes. We are available for emergency electrical services in Delhi NCR. Our service experts can visit your home or office to take care of the situation in case of emergencies. Ideally, they are available from 9 AM to 9 PM, but depending on the location they might serve you beyond that as well.

It doesn’t cost much to change a fuse panel. But the electrician can exactly estimate the cost depending on the electrical system flexibility, panel location, feeder cable length, the decision to completely repair or replace the panel, etc. Once an exact quote is prepared with these factors being taken into consideration the cost will be decided.

When your breaker trips the entire electrical circuit at home or office stops working. You can easily fix it without running to an electrician by using the following method:

1. Find the circuit breaker panel
2. Locate the breaker which has tripped and you can find it in ‘Off’ position
3. Reset the breaker and then turn it to ‘On’ position

Ensure that your office has an efficient lighting system to manage power. Retrofitting fluorescent fixtures, replacing old fixtures with energy efficient options etc. moreover, you can turn off the power switches that connect to your laptop or desktop when you leave for the day.

Flickering lights cause lot of annoyance and may imply potentially dangerous electrical issues in your home. In case replacing the light bulbs doesn’t fix the issue its time to call the electrician right away. Loose lighting or a short circuit might cause a spark and lead to electrical fire accident.

Get the home electric system inspected by authorized personnel and then take adequate measures to fix if there is any loophole. Older wirings or new wiring installations can be checked, earthing is done properly so that there is no chance of any electrical accident.

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