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We at ServicePik have always been assisting you to reach the right people. Our platform extensively connects people – whether it’s a customer searching for a service expert or a local service provider tracking the right customers for the business. As the world is under extensive turmoil and social distancing is the norm of the day, it becomes a challenge to bridge the gap. The rapidly changing stats of COVID-19 is pushing us to more uncertain times in the upcoming weeks and months. There must be something that ServicePik can help you deal with rather than staying panicked.

We as a part of the community have always kept your health and safety – our utmost priority. For that, we are adapting and devising ways that we can assist you to adapt as well. As our continuous endeavour to serve you – we’re with you: our customers and service experts. Together we’ll get through this endemic by staying informed, making the right and safe choices while supporting each other.

What is COVID-19?

COVID-19 is an infectious disease caused by the recently discovered coronavirus. Coronavirus causes respiratory infections in people. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), the widely known symptoms of COVID-19 include dry cough, tiredness, and fever. Difficulty in breathing may develop when the illness becomes severe. Asymptomatic people who are not feeling ill (yet are infected by the virus) can easily spread it through contact. People with underlying medical conditions, with compromised immunity, or in their old age are more vulnerable to develop critical illness upon coronavirus infection. Persons experiencing breathlessness, cough, and fever must approach medical professionals at the earliest.
How can you stop the spread?

WHO recommends the following precautions to contain the coronavirus from spreading:

1. Wash your hands – thoroughly for more than 20 seconds using soap and water. You can even use an alcohol-based rub or sanitizer to kill the virus.

2. Don’t touch your face, nose, eyes, or mouth – to prevent the virus from entering your body and contaminate the surface you touch, in case you are sick.

3. Maintain distance – from others of about 3 feet from others as recommended by WHO.

4. Cover your face while coughing and sneezing – don’t use your hands but elbows to do the same. Alternatively, use a tissue and dispose-off right away.

5. Stay home – if you are sick with cough, fever, and breathing difficulties, immediately seek medical attention. Obey the local health officials’ instructions as well as that of local authorities if your city is locked-down by them.

You can check out WHO’s official site for more updates on COVID-19.

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As the lockdown continues across the country in India, you must keep a note of some important points. Because once in a while you need to step out of the house to bring daily essentials. To safe keep you and your family – have a look at the following tips:

1. When you step out:

A. Follow the One-in-one formula

• One person (adult) should only go out once-a-week to meet all the needs of the family. Try leaving your mobile at home, if taken sanitize upon return.

• One set of full-length clothing should exclusively be kept for going out and must be kept separately from other clothes.

• One wallet for the emergency shopping trips, where cards, coins, and currencies are not mixed with the ones at home.

• One bag, one vehicle at one go – don’t mix your carry bag with other bags at home, keep it in the vehicle itself. Finish the purchase at one go and avoid public transport.

• Avoid crowds and use your non-dominant hand or elbow for opening doors or pressing buttons.

B. Keep 6 feet (two arms) distance with people around you

C. Carry tissue paper and sanitizer with you, and wipe the areas you might touch (shopping cart handles) before you touch them

D. Don’t touch your face while you are out, and keep sanitizing your hands

2. When you return home

A. Leave your shoes at the doorstep or a designated space at home

B. Wash your hands with water and soap for at least 20 seconds before touching anyone or anything

C. Carefully wash all the packaged items you have brought in and soak fruits and veggies in water for 1 hour

D. Disinfect everything you have touched when you entered the home

E. Change your clothes before you touch kids, pets, or elderly people at home

A. While receiving delivery

A. Keep two arms distance with the delivery guy

B. Make them leave the delivery at your doorstep and don’t collect it directly – as they might have touched multiple people while delivering packages

C. Prefer paying them online (GooglePay, PhonePay, Paytm, etc.) rather than exchanging cash

D. Disinfect the package or open it after wearing gloves and discard the packaging

B. If someone at home gets sick

A. If the person is showing symptoms, immediately contact your doctor

B. Isolate them in a separate room and prevent children from going there

C. Sanitize the places they have come in contact with or touched

D. Use gloves and a mask while cleaning their used items or laundry

E. Make them wear a face mask and regularly discard the used masks

C. Stock up in advance

A. Make a list and buy groceries in bulk to avoid regular visits

B. Stock up the important medicines (hypertension and diabetics medicines), and first aid box

C. Keep trash bags, tissues, and gloves

D. Frozen, canned, and dry food items should be saved for later

E. Replace vegetables with pulses to reduce trips to the vegetable market

Myths and Facts

  1. Myth: Snow and cold weather can kill Coronavirus Fact: Cold weather or snow can’t kill the virus as it can easily grow with normal human body temperature in any weather!
  2. Myth: Taking hot baths and consuming warm water can prevent Coronavirus Fact: Hot baths and warm water doesn’t prevent the virus!
  3. Myth: Coronavirus spreads in the hot and humid climate only Fact: The virus can spread in any climate.
  4. Myth: Coronavirus can be transmitted through mosquito bites Fact: It transmits through droplets during cough and sneeze, and not through mosquito bites.
  5. Myth: Hand dryers can kill Coronavirus Fact: Hand dryers can’t kill the virus they merely dry your hands!
  6. Myth: Ultraviolet disinfection lamp can kill Coronavirus Fact: UV radiations can irritate your skin and the virus might still be within your body
  7. Myth: Thermal scanners can detect Corona infection Fact: They can detect body temperature (fever) only but not an infection
  8. Myth:Spraying alcohol or chlorine on your body will kill the virus Fact: Alcohol and chlorine disinfect surfaces but can harm your eyes, mouth, and clothing
  9. Myth: Pneumonia vaccines can cure Corona Fact: Corona vaccines are yet to be developed. Pneumonia vaccines might be used as supportive care only
  10. Myth: Eating garlic will help prevent Coronavirus Fact: There is no proof of garlic being helpful in Coronavirus treatment. You can consume it for its immune-boosting properties.
  11. Myth: Only older and sick people are susceptible to Coronavirus Fact:They are vulnerable to the virus, but anyone can get infected with COVID-19.
  12. Myth: Antibiotics can help prevent Coronavirus Fact: They prevent bacterial infections only. Bacterial co-infection in COVID19 patients might be prevented with antibiotics.

Frequently Asked Questions

We insist on your safety. As per the recommendations of WHO, we advise you to maintain distance from the service experts – while they are working. Sanitize the areas they have touched afterward if possible. If you can’t do that and the work is not that important at this time, then kindly postpone it for a further date.
When your local authorities and health officials have restricted movement in your city, ensure that you abide by that. Some services are categorized as essential, whereas others are not.

 When it’s safe and possible – show support to the service experts and their business.

 Maintain your distance and wave instead of shaking hands.

 Hire services that ensure distancing yourself from the service experts.

 Ask service experts to offer no-contact services if they can

 Rather than paying by cash choose digital payments

 Buy gift cards or packages from service experts to use in the future. It works both ways – you get discounts in the future and they generate some revenue in this tough time.

 You can think of tipping them or doing part payment for the postponed project

According to WHO recommendations, we insist you stay safe and distance yourself from the customers during work (if only the work is essential). Follow the guidelines of your local authorities and healthcare officials for your safety.

 Contact your customers immediately, if you need or want to postpone the job appointments.

 Stay connected with other service experts in your industry and update them with the ongoing situation. Together as a community, you can sail through tough times.

 Update your customers that you are taking safety precautions.

 You can visit ServicePik website and learn how to adapt to the situation with our tips.

 If possible, offer remote services or online consultation to retain customers for future projects.

 Hide your profile to avoid getting new leads, in case you won’t be able to work right away.

 Prepare yourself to face fluctuations in demand for work. The demand is expected to rise once COVID-19 is under control No matter what, we stand together as a nation during this rough phase and will move to better days soon. For all household services including home sanitization, car sanitization, AC servicing, carpenter, electrician, plumbing, pest control, home cleaning, fitness and yoga training, and other related services – ServicePik is here to help you through. Stay safe to fight Corona!

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