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Car Wash and Sanitization Service

Juggling from work to home and to places that you escape from chaos, your car plays a key role in your life. Dirt, mud, germs, viruses, and slinger wreaks havoc for your car’s health and hygiene. For a squeaky, sparkly, and germ-free car, you don’t need to leave it with the service centre and wonder when it will be back for your use. The best way out to get your car wash done is to hire a service expert online from a reliable provider to get the most out of it. We at ServicePik understand the value of your precious time and thus offer at-home car wash services across Delhi NCR. Noida, Gurgaon, Ghaziabad, and Delhi city come under our service area and we take utmost care in offering the best services in town.

Complete car wash to dusting the interiors, and cleaning mud and dirt from the car floor, and car deep sanitization services are offered by our verified partners. They have the best of equipment and are well trained to effortlessly clean your vehicle to make it dirt free and fresh.

While hiring a car wash and sanitization service in Delhi NCR, the most common questions that might come in your mind are:

  • What is the price difference for car wash compared to the market prices?
  • What kind of car wash/sanitization service do they offer?
  • What services are offered within the car wash booking?
  • What are the accepted modes of payment?
  • How long does it take to get the car wash done?
  • How soon the car wash experts revert to a service request?
  • How can you book the online car wash or sanitization service?
  • Do they bring their pressure clean equipment or you need to provide them?
  • What do they offer in dry and wet cleaning service?
  • Do they use special equipment to sanitize your car?
  • What kind of cleaning agents they use and are they safe for your car colour and shine?

How does the process work?

  • Pick what service you need

    We offer car wash and dusting for interior as well as car sanitization. Click on the desired service over the page to know more.

  • Select your desired time-slot

    Our professionals work from 9 AM to 9 PM throughout the week.

  • Ease of service

    A ServicePik technician contacts you as soon as you book any service from ServicePik to further discuss the work with you.

How the process works

  • Pick what service you need

    We offer AC servicing and repair, pest control, home cleaning and sanitization, interior designing services along with car wash and sanitization. Click on the desired service to know more.

  • Select your desired time-slot

    Our professionals work from 9 AM to 9 PM throughout the week. Pick the slot that suits you.

  • Select your preferred time-slot

    Our professionals work from 9 AM to 9 PM throughout the week. So, share the most convenient time-slot that suits you.

  • Ease of service

    A ServicePik car wash/sanitization technician contacts you as soon as you book any service from ServicePik for further discussion about the work.

Why ServicePik Car Wash?

Easy Mode of Payment:

We receive cashless payments once the service is done through online wallets such as Paytm, PhonePay, or internet banking. There are no hidden costs or extra charges attached to it.


We serve you from 9 AM to 9 PM – Monday to Sunday. Our experts can even serve you the same day depending on availability.

Customer Satisfaction:

We are one of the most appreciated Car Wash service providers in Delhi NCR. With a loyal customer base, we are growing every passing day.

Convenience of Use:

We are available for booking online or by calling us @8448446679. You can book your service one day before to 30 days in advance.


Our Car Wash experts in Delhi NCR have ample experience to offer the best services. Professionally trained technicians understand your car’s needs to the most for a better experience.

Customer Support:

We have a dedicated customer support team that is at your service 7 days a week from 9 AM to 9 PM.

FAQs for Car Washing

ServicePik Car Wash service offers you car washing services right at your doorstep at your convenience. All that you need to do is, give us a call @8448446679 or log in to www.servicepik.com and book your service right away – for a sparkly clean and hygienic car!

Yes. You can pick Car Wash service packages from ServicePik depending on your needs. Select the car wash service and let us know your car make and model. Share the desired date and time when you want to get your car wash done and we will offer you the best experience in Delhi NCR.

Yes. We clean the interior of your car as well as the exterior washing. Glass, leather conditioning, armor cleaning and vacuuming the interior is done within this service. But, you need to mention while booking the service that you want interior cleaning or external washing, or both for your car.

No. The car wash won’t harm your freshly painted car in any way. Our experts use soft wash materials meant for car surfaces. Your car should be booked for a cleaning once the prescribed curation time is over (the time the paint needs to completely dry and settle). Moreover, the cleaning agents are also delicate enough for your car but hard on the grease, stains, and debris deposited to offer you a clean and fresh car.

We offer monthly and annual car wash packages. Our car wash service can be availed throughout the year as per your requirement. Frequently cleaning your car is suggested to ensure car hygiene which helps in controlling germs that spread diseases. Wet, dry, and pressure cleaning is available for your vehicle.

Our car wash professionals in Delhi NCR are well trained to get your car sparkly clean within no time. Using the best cleaning solutions and equipment they efficiently remove dust, debris, and stains from your car.

Our car wash experts carry the best cleaning solutions, soaps, and polishes to keep your cars clean and shiny. We ensure that the best in town service is at your disposal. They are harmless and safe.

Depending upon the use and place you park it. If the place sees more dust and you are regularly taking the car on the road then a weekly or fortnightly car wash is recommended. The car interiors get stinky over time due to humidity, as well as being closed off for more time. Vacuuming the interiors and cleaning up the exteriors keeps your car neat and attractive.

Not really. Our car wash personnel can take care of your car at its best, but being there is important so that you are satisfied with the service.

Most of the cars and vans of any make and model are covered for car wash service. We make sure that your factory-installed equipment won’t be harmed in any way.

Yes. We do wash and vacuum clean convertibles. Let our service personnel know if your convertible has any customized feature that needs special care – so that the washing and vacuuming are done the best possible way.

Our experts can effortlessly wash the alloy wheels of your car without causing any harm to it. We don’t use acids or carbon or plastic brushes for the tires. Delicate alloy friendly cleaning solutions and soft cloth washing material are used to sparkle them.

We undertake the car wash service that you have exclusively booked with us. In case you want us to remove tree sap or road tar that has multiple stains on the car then extra charges may be incurred for that as we use special chemicals for that. Avoid using any abrasive to remove the stains as it might ruin the paint of your car body.

Oxidation often makes your car’s polish look dull - as the paint ages and decays due to road oils and sun exposure. Regularly washing your car and applying a polishing poly sealant will retain the shine.

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