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    ServicePik is an online marketplace that offers a diverse range of on-demand services to address plumbing, electrical, home cleaning and pest control services

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    ServicePik is known as one of the fastest-growing businesses for on-demand services. This platform helps in bridging the gaps between service provider and the customer. We are a team of professionals known for addressing your day-to-day issues. Whether you are looking for pest control professional, a plumber, a mechanic, a yoga instructor or an electrician, ServicePik is the best option to rely on for on-demand services. We have designed an efficient framework to serve customers with the customized solution.

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    Quality is priority for ServicePik

    Our highly qualified and well-trained professionals employ result-oriented approach to execute on-demand services for office. Besides, our cost-effective services cater to all the requirements of our clients. At ServicePik, we provide the best-in-class services keeping in mind the business needs of the organization. Unlike the standard hierarchy of serving the clients through step-by-step communication, we have simplified the process of communication. At ServicePik, we extend assistance to our clients and proceed with the necessary plan-of-action in a short span of time. Alternatively, booking a session of pest control services, AC repair services, commercial cleaning services or any other on-demand commercial services is just a call away!!

    Our Valuable Clients

    Find certified professional solutions that give you options for valuable clients with various technology leaders shaping the future. We help to drive the digital transformation with practical solutions. We experienced different project solutions with a clear scope and price for each service.

    Factors that make ServicePik Unique

    Addressing the business needs without any hassle requires professional assistance. At ServicePik, we provide b2b professional services for regular fixes and repairs!

    Following are the factors that make us and our services distinct:

    Actively reaching out to the new customers

    We keep tapping the opportunities to serve clients by identifying their business needs. As a part of this approach, we meet new customers by adopting the data-driven model. Our highly skilled professionals count on result-driven methodology to offer credible services to our clients.

    Market presence and credibility

    Over the past few years, we have steadily and phenomenally created a niche in the market through our promising services as well as exceptional credibility. Our vision is to establish our brand with Pan-India prominence, thereby, delivering the timely commercial contracting services.

    Prompt & professional work approach

    Every project is crucial for us whether it pertains to commercial plumbing services with quick fixes or a comprehensive task, our experts pre-define the timeline to execute the plan. ServicePik has always known for the prompt & professional work approach as we revert to the service requests efficiently.

    Quick steps to book professional services

    At ServicePik, we offer a comprehensive solution to businesses by identifying the type of commercial services they require and thereby, determining the project completion objective. Here’s a quick overview of our work approach towards the execution of on-demand services.

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      You can either book online by filling the form on our website or call on our direct number to book a service.

    • Verification

      Service request verification


      After receiving the online request, you will get a verification call to proceed with the booking confirmation. For the bookings through phone, confirmation step is simultaneously completed.

    • discussion

      Project discussion and schedule planning


      After the service request gets confirmed, the project discussion is handled by our dedicated experts. According to your convenience, the visit/session of business-to-business services are scheduled.

    • Work Done

      Setting project timeline

      We set realistic expectations and project goals in the meeting with the client before lining up business services. Depending on the project type and the amount of work involved, the project completion time varies.

    Commercial Services FAQs

    The commercial on-demand services are outsourced by businesses to reduce additional costs by hiring professionals for various requirements. In order to increase flexibility of operations, maintaining competitive advantage and fix issues efficiently, the commercial services are highly demanded by businesses. It is always essential to hire the experienced, skilled and proactive team of professionals that can execute on-demand services with precision. Plumbing, Electrical, Carpentry, AC Repair and pest control issues are commonly addressed by ServicePik as a part of commercial services.

    The on-demand economy is rapidly replacing the traditional model of seeking services in the corporate sector. With the emergence of the on-demand commercial services, a flexible link between the service providers and the clients is being generated. These services include the daily needs and business requirements pertaining to multiple products or services. Following are the benefits of investing in commercial services:

    • Improves the scalability of the business
    • Easily accessible and customized options
    • Offers & deals are designed in a flexible manner
    • Cost-effective solution for small businesses
    • Consumer behaviour based commercial services are tailored

    At ServicePik, we have defined categories of on-demand services for businesses which qualify for warranty after availing on-demand services. For instance, the AC Repair warranty policy plan is applicable according to the AMC plans. We have highly qualified professionals who help you understand warranty implementation and how it can be availed. In case, you are unsatisfied with our services, the ServicePik team will schedule a visit to your organization to address the concern. Alternatively, you can connect with our relationship manager to discuss the aspects of services that need to be improved.

    ServicePik believes in maintaining transparency and efficiency of commercial services irrespective of the total budget of the project. Most of the times, the packages of our services are pre-defined and the price remains to be fixed. But, in the events of customized on-demand services, the overall cost may vary from the regular plan. If there are any add-ons which require additional price to be paid, we inform our clients in advance. There are no hidden charges, instead, we evaluate the project and accordingly quote the price for tailored services for businesses.

    Yes, of course! We prioritize the convenience of our clients, further offering them the highest grade of commercial services. There are moments when our valuable customers have been busy in their hectic schedule and with our call back option, they availed our services. You can either drop an email or call us on our direct number: 084484 46679 to schedule the services according to your business needs.

    ServicePik has focused on the growing needs of businesses and ensured comprehensive solutions on-demand. From plumbing, carpentry and pest control to AC repair services, we deal in multiple options. Apart from these services, we are gradually expanding our reach keeping in mind, the major areas to be addressed. Our proactive technicians are equipped with advanced tools and aware of latest methodologies to execute the commercial on-demand services.

    The flexibility and 24/7 availability of the commercial on-demand services are worth a consideration. No matter, it is the old AC repair, urgent carpentry requirements, pest control for small business or any other on-demand service, Servicepik team is always prepared with the definite strategy to assist clients in fixing their issues.


    We have a team of experienced, hand-picked professionals to serve better quality results to transform your business into a powerful solution. Our results-focused approach to business-to-business commercial services puts your company goals and objectives at the core of every solution we create.