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Things We Can Control

Gas Filling

When your AC stops cooling the interiors, there are chances that it’s running low on gas. AC gas refilling or filling can be done in many situations. Reinstallation, clogging, or located near areas emitting gases can result in AC gas leakage. We ensure that our professional AC technicians figure out the exact cause and do gas filling or refilling as required to let you relax in the summer.

Filter Replacement/Cleaning

Be it your split AC servicing or window AC to be serviced, cleaning or replacing the filter is important. Depending on the indoor air quality, type of air filter, number of pets at home, number of people, and amount of air pollution around your home, the frequency of filter replacement varies. You should change it ideally 6-12 months for less occupied, no pet or allergy home, suburban average homes with pet – 90 days, and with a pet – 60 days.


Changing houses, shifting out of Delhi NCR or moving your AC to another place in the house. Whatever may be the need, ServicePik AC professionals take utmost care in AC uninstallation across the city. While you move out of a place, leave your AC uninstallation to us and we will do it like a breeze. Hassle free and quick service is what ServicePik always vouches for!

Compressor Cleaning

When it comes to clean your AC unit, it is best left to the professionals to avoid any mishaps. Condenser coils emit warm air whereas evaporator absorbs humidity and heat, hence, keeping them clean is of utmost importance. ServicePik AC technicians clean your compressor with recommended solutions and pressure water as well. With years of expertise to their credit, they undertake compressor cleaning for both split and window AC at their best.

Ac Repairing

No matter if you have serviced your AC during the pre-summer months or not. There are chances of AC breakdowns, thanks to the soaring temperature in Delhi NCR. ServicePik AC repair persons offer at home top notch AC repairing services. If any of your AC parts have worn out, they will also inform you about the same and replace it with genuine parts. All that you do is approve.

Electrical Control Setup

While window or split AC servicing is done, there are times you might encounter the electrical control setup is messed up. But, there is nothing to worry about. ServicePik AC repair and servicing personnel are experienced enough to look into your AC. Problems with AC compressor and run capacitor get resolved by them effortlessly. When our professionals are there to take care of every bit of your AC’s health, there is nothing to stress over.


If you have bought a new AC, or moved in to a new place and want your ac installation get done, then our AC technicians assist you in this with ease. ServicePik ensures that the AC equipment is installed carefully, be it a spilt or window equipment. If additional spare parts are required during the installation process or AC repairing has to be done, the AC personnel informs you regarding the same.

AC Shifting

Shifting your AC unit is a tedious task and most of us obviously are reluctant to do it on our own. So, when you reach out to ServicePik, the team can do it for you super-fast. All you need to do is inform us about the uninstallation and reinstallation location and the technicians are right at your doorstep to sort it out. Our professionals take great care in efficiently shifting your window or split AC.

No matter whether you have a split or window AC or multiple ACs, we at ServicePik are dedicated to bring you matchless solutions for all your AC woes. Be it an AC breakdown, gas leakage, compressor, or cooling issue, our AC technical team is always on the go to meet the challenge head on. They utilize the years of experience under their belt to provide ultimate service to our customers. When you reach us at ServicePik, we ensure the quality of service and your trust remains intact for longer. Customer satisfaction is our key mantra and we strive to achieve that at any cost.

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